Image of the first words of the act creating the school along with early pics of buildings




The museum includes a sports display of students doing remarkable feats, such as rock climbing, swimming and competitions with other schools. Displayed are wrestling matches, cheerleading during SCASB as well as track and field events. Gymnastics was a favorite sport of the boys and girls, who often exhibited their skills to Texas Legislators in the early 1900s.

In 1904 from Superintendent Piner:

“Our gymnasium regime has been a boon to these anemic children.” …”During the past two years the whole student body has shown a marked improvement in physical development, bodily carriage, buoyancy of spirit and general health as a direct result of this department.”

The school's physical activities, mostly gymnastics, were notable in the early part of the 20th century. The students performed for the legislators on the Capitol grounds and at the school. Activities such as reading Braille and writing it were also 'performed' for the legislators at a time when Braille was just beginning to be used as the main writing system in the U.S - and unique enough to warrant showing how students were learning it.

  2 boys on an exercise mat in what looks like a gymnastics pose



Today, student sports activities include goalball, rock climbing, wrestling, swimming and track, among other sports. The students compete in leagues (such as SCASB) and have done so since the early 1900s.