Image of the first words of the act creating the school along with early pics of buildings




"Alloah Dallas Elk - the blind waif found by Grant S. Maxwell of Dallas when she was nine months old and adopted by the Dallas Elks when 7 years old, now fourteen and a student at the state blind institute at Austin, took the title role in the operetta of "Princess Florenda" at that institute in excellent style." She picked her own first name when she started school.


Cared for and educated by the Dallas, Texas, Elks Lodge, an abandoned baby went on to become a musician and linguist.

Alloah Dallas Elk 001 - photo circa 1920s.


 The Dallas Elks made sure that her future husband would be on par with the quality they felt Alloah had. William Parks was an organist and choir director. The couple met at the Blind Institute.

alloah and william parks wedding notice