Image of the first words of the act creating the school along with early pics of buildings




We have  not forgotten those who have passed in recent history. Some of these names you may or may not have heard of - most of whom have either taught here or been a part of the school in some capacity. 

In rememberance of some recent losses

Steve Allen

Annie Austin

Tommy Birrell

Eve Bull

Jennifer Deberry

Jim Durkel

Forrest and Dorothy Goodenough

Ed Guerra

Phil Hatlen

Pete Hernandez

Ann Kennedy

Jenna MacLaurin

Pam Marshall

Nick Necaise

Joyce Pannell

Dennis Powell

Doug Rause

Juanita Ray

FLorencia Reed

Sue Schultheis

Marcia Smith

Mike Smith

Sara Jane Spillman

Rich Thurow

Pat Van Geem

John Whitethorn

Georgie Woods

Roy Wright