Image of the first words of the act creating the school along with early pics of buildings





littlecamppostThe second location of the school was Block 71 of what is presently known as the Little Campus of the University of Texas. The Little Campus is now known as the Arno Nowotny Building. The cost of the new facilities was $12,390.00 and was completed in late 1857. In 1888, a reunion of former students was held with 58% of the 24 attending being self-supporting and 42% being at home. Concerns were mentioned throughout the history of the school about gainful employment of the students when they left the school. Technology was continually evaluated: the telegraph; the typewriter; and the phonograph were new. There was some reservation about spending money on these "new" things that may or may not have benefited the blind students. In 1905, the name of the school was officially changed to The Blind Institute by the Texas Legislature. In 1916, the school's name was again changed by the Texas Legislature, this time to The Texas School for the Blind. A 73 acre site between Lamar and Burnet Roads was donated by the citizens of Austin for a new school for the blind. Continuing problems existed with the number of pupils in relation to the number and size of the buildings. Frequent requests were made for appropriations for the construction and remodeling of buildings.