Image of the first words of the act creating the school along with early pics of buildings




On October 23rd, 1917, we moved into our third and permanent home - at 45th St., between Lamar and Guadalupe streets.  The name changed in 1915 to Texas School for the Blind. Our 'Visually Impaired' designation was added in 1989.

In 1856, Governor Pease and Texas Legislators passed a bill that created the Institute for the Blind. TSBVI has many local roots  - The Corsicana Orphanage and the Deaf, Dumb and Blind Institute for Colored Youths (Blind Deaf and Orphan's School) for example.
Many talented and noteworthy individuals started out as students here. Even some of today's musical notables, such as Blue Mist, Foot Patrol and Storyville, have roots in TSBVI.
In the TSBVI museum, we have displays of notables, alumni, artifacts from the 1800s and much more.