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1890 Rules for Pupils

Rules for the Government of the pupils

  1. The pupils must not go into the parlor, nor into the hall between the office and parlor, without permission from the superintendent or some officer of the institution.
  2. The pupils must be prompt to rise and dress when they hear the big bell ring at 6 o’clock. Those pupils who fail to attend prayers shall not be allowed to have breakfast.
  3. The male pupils must not visit the apartments set apart for the females, except in company with the superintendent; and the females certainly have that delicate sense of womanly propriety which forbids that they should go to the male apartments.
  4. The pupils must be careful not to go into the laundry, the kitchen, the dining room, the sick room and the bath rooms without permission from the superintendent, unless they should be sent to any of these places on business.
  5. Pupils must not visit the residence of any citizen of Austin, or go into any part of the city without permission, and then they must be in company with some officer of the institution.
  6. The pupils must be prompt to take their places at the table when the bell rings at meal time; and must not engage in general conversation when in the dining room.
  7. The male pupils must not chew or smoke tobacco inside of the building or grounds, or anywhere else.
  8. The use of snuff is abominable; therefore, the female pupils must not be guilt of the ugly practice.
  9. Swearing, using indecent language and getting intoxicated are demoralizing, and debasing in their tendencies; therefore, the male pupils must not indulge in such pernicious habits; the pupils must not bring alcoholic drinks of any kind into the grounds or buildings, for any purpose, without permission from the superintendent.
  10. In the male and female apartments order shall be called fifteen minutes after the retiring bell shall have been rung; then the pupils must be quiet, and must not go out of their own apartments until they hear the bell for rising.
  11. It shall be deemed discreditable for any pupil to converse with servants, or speak to them, except on business.
  12. The male and female pupils must not communicate with each other by conversation, by writing or by sending messages.
  13. The pupils must not go into their dormitories during the day, after breakfast, without permission from the superintendent or matrons.
  14. Persons who do not live in the Institution will not be allowed to read to the pupils at any time.