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Monday, December 4, 1905 Dallas Morning News

Little Blind Musician

Delicate Child at Blind Institution Causes Astonishment.

Special to the News

Austin, Tex. December 3 – Texas has in attendance at the State Institution for the blind at Austin a delicate little girl, totally blind., but who for years has vigorously pursued her music studies till her performances are remarkable illustrations of the musician’s art. Her name is Ruby Wilson. Her ambition to be master of the piano and pipe organ has led her to those watchful days and wakeful nights that mark the life of the genuine artist. She plays with equal skill the pipe organ and piano, and when her delicate physical strength is considered, it is marvelous to witness her playing. Not only on these instruments is she proficient, but she also sings with great sweetness. The Presbyterian College at Milford, Tex. Has engaged her to give a piano and voice recital in that institution on Friday evening, Dec. 8. The difficult program is given below:

Part l – 1 Piano (a) Prelude in G Minor (Bach): (b) Si Olsean Jetals. Henselt. 2 Voice (a) At Twilight (Nevin): (b) Love in Springtime (Arditit). 3. (a) Revolutionary Study (Chopin); (b) Berceuse in G, Grieg. 4. Voice (a) The Rose (Noel Johnson); (b) The River and the Sea. (Noel Johnson). 5. Piano (a) Romance in F Sharp (Schumann); (b) Hark, Hark, the Lark (Schubert (Liszt)).

Part II – 1. Piano (a) Kammenoi-Ostrow (Rubenstein). 2. Voice (a) The Jewel Song from Gounod’s Faust. 3. Piano (a) Black Key Study (Chopin); (b) Spring Song (Mendelsohn); (c) Spinning Song (Mendelsohn); 4. Voice (a) Berceuse (D’Hardelot); (b) Three Green Bonnets (D’Hardelot), 5. Piano (a) Sixth Hungarian Rhapsody (Listz).