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1955 Letter regarding political activity



None of the money appropriated by this act, regardless of their source or character, shall be used for influencing the outcome of any election, or the passage or defeat of any legislative measure. This prohibition, however, shall not be construed to prevent any official or employee of the State from furnishing to any member of the Legislature, or to any other State official or employee or to any citizen, any information or facts pertinent to the official duties and responsibilities of the State agency he represents.

No employee of any State agency shall use any State-owned automobiles except an official business of the State, and such employees are expressly prohibited from using such automobiles in connection with any political campaign.

Any employee who violates any of the provisions of this section shall be dismissed immediately from any employment by the State.

This is to certify that I have read the above and that I understand all the provisions.

Beulah Beaver
March 2, 1955

(also, another of the same letter was signed by Marvin H Hancock on September 1, 1955 and another signed by W.E. Allen on March 2, 1955)