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1961 Barraga Ashcroft ltr


March 13, 1961

Dr. S.C. Ashcroft, Coordinator

Preparation for Teachers of the Visualy Limited

George Peabody College for Teachers

Nashville 5, Tennessee


Dear Dr. Ashcroft:

In reply to your notice concerning possible scholarships, I wish to submit the name of Mrs. Natalie Barraga. I believe that she has had some contact with you. Mrs. Barraga has been employed as Teacher of Homemaking at this school for the past nine years and taught for six years in public schools prior to this time. Her services have been very satisfactory here, but she would like to take the doctor’s degree from Peabody College. She holds a master’s degree in Special Education from the University of Texas, and I understand that they recommend her for this work.

Mrs. Barraga has a child who is totally blind and spastic; consequently, it will be necessary for her to have a scholarship which would pay more than $2,000.00 a year. Mrs. Barraga is forty-five years of age and in good health. She would like to enter Peabody College after the close of our present school term. I will certainly appreciate anything you can do to help her realize this ambition.

Very truly yours,


W.E. Allen