Image of the first words of the act creating the school along with early pics of buildings





413 E. Hochheim St.
Yoakum, Texas
April 26,1929

Dear Friend:

This is to notify you that the annual meeting of the Alumni of the Texas School for the Blind will be held at the School in Austin on May Thirtieth and June First of this year. We are writing to urge that you join us in our efforts to make this the biggest and best meeting in the history of the Association. Meet with us, even if you have to make a special effort of some sacrifice in order to do so. Several pleasant surprises are planned.

We don't want you to miss your share of the interest and fun, and besides, want to see you again, to renew friendships and acquaintances, and to chat with you about old times, old rules, old teachers, about what has happened since the close of our school days, and of what may happen in the near future.

The first meal will be served at noon, Thursday, May 30th, and the first meeting will convene at two o'clock on the afternoon of that day. The small fee of one dollar a day will entitle you to board, room and entertainment.

We are doing our best to get in touch with every graduate and ex-student of the School. If, however, you know of anyone whom we have been unable to reach, please cooperate with us by passing the above information on to them.

Very sincerely yours,

The executive committee
Hubert Foster (Chairman)