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Natalie Barraga - one of the most prominent educators in the state, was first a home economics teacher at TSB. A series of letters marks her career - from being recommended for educational programs to finally being a UT-Austin Professor - and someone to which other students were recommended.


1954 Homemaking teacher

May 27, 1954

Mrs. Natalie Barraga
4200 1/2 Speedway
Austin, Texas

Dear Mrs. Barraga:

This is to notify you of your appointment as Teacher of Homemaking for the school term beginning September 1, 1954, and ending June 30,1955. It is impossible for me to set your salary as the Austin School Board has not finally decided what will be paid to Austin teachers.
You will be notified as to the opening of school at a later date.

Respectfully yours,

W.E. Allen