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Even in 1975, a teacher had to be free and clear of Tuberculosis, and provide information that would be considered intrusive in today's educational realm.

1975 Louise Hancock contract requisites

(On TSB Letterhead)

Mrs. Louise Hancock
1809 W. 39th
Austin, Texas 78731

Dear Mrs. Hancock:

Your Contract, received on July 1, 1975 is not approved as of July 3, 1975 for the reason or easons checked below.

(checked and then Okayed) 01. Required physical examination and T.B. test
02. Birth Certificate
03 College Transcripts
(checked) 04. Professional Certification
05.Service Records

The items checked above are due in the superintendent’s office no later than August 1, 1975. Your contract will not be valid until all items are complete and the contract is signed by the superintendent. A copy of your contract, signed by the superintendent, will be sent to you before August 18, 1975.


Robert A Hansen