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John Best was a beloved superintendent of the 1960s, after W.E. Allen.


 john best recommendation letter to Dr. Natalie Barraga at UT


April 17, 1969


Dr. Natalie Barraga
Special Education Department
University of Texas at Austin
Sutton Hall 205
Austin, Texas 78712

Dear Dr. Barraga:

This letter is in support of the application of Mr. Phillip Cross for a summer traineeship at the University of Texas.
Mr. Cross has been employed at the Texas School for the Blind on an Emergency Permit during this1968-1969 School year and exhibits characteristics which makes us think he has good potential as a teacher of the visually handicapped. Since he has no specialized training, I think it would be particularly important if your department could help him secure a traineeship for this purpose.
Thank you in advance for your interest and consideration.


John P. Best