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A sample of our historic beginnings:


Recent Additions to the Site


  1. 9-28-18 Grade Book (in pics) from 1906
  2. 9-13-18 Education 202 - Advice on Educating Blind Kids in the classroom in 1928. The text of the book. And photos showing the original text.

This educational guide is unique in that it details the classroom experience at TSBVI. The instruction is for a teacher - an emphasis on learning beauty, discipline, reading, doing unusual activities such as jumping over desks, posture lessons, group activities, patriotic flag appreciation and many others. This was a time before the school accepted children with other disabilities and b lindness was their only issue. They came to this residential school and rarely left the school to go home to their respective Texas towns - with exceptions being summers and major holidays.

  1. 9-6-18 - Establishment of the Superintendency at the Texas Asylum for the Blind
  2. 7-19-18 - Excerpt from Ruth K. Hall's book: A Place of Her Own: The Story of Elizabeth Garrett (1983).
  3. 6-28-18 - AFB's Comprehensive archive of information about Helen Keller.
  4. Read a  small excerpt of James Stephen Hogg, Governor of Texas in 1890, and his interactions with R. B. McEachern, our first student.   McEachern became a poet and music teacher and came from Cherokee county, where Hogg was raised.

Video presentations of our school's early history in photos and interviews. One video is actually from the 1920s and was put together from old 35mm film reels found on campus.

♦Set of letters from 1800s to the 1980s - detailing concerns of our superintendents and staff of old.

Historic photos of our old campuses and our students.


Genealogical research and various Alumni letters along with past memories from Alumni